Reference materials

You may not bring any reference materials such as books, program listings or notes onto the contest floor. Each team may prepare a "Team Contest Reference" document (TCR), which will be further described below.

We will provide the following at your team's computer on the contest day:

You can provide:

In addition you will have online access to the documentation as mentioned on the system information page.

TCR format

The TCR should have an A4 cover page that clearly displays the name of your team and the name of your university. No other information may be on the cover page, and the back of the cover page should be blank.
In addition to the cover page the TCR consists of up to 25 single sided A4 pages that may contain any information your team finds useful. The print should be large enough to be readable at 50 cm.

You may put whatever you want in your TCR, provided all three copies are the same. It could be based on an electronic document, copies from books, simply copies of a hand written manuscript, or your favourite poem.

TCR submission

You may bring (up to) 3 copies of your TCR to the test session. If you want to use your TCR at the contest you must leave it at your workstation after the test session. The three copies should be identical, including page order, and each copy stapled, put in a binder, or held together by some other means.

To ensure that it will be possible to restore your TCR, in case anything should happen to it, you may mail us a copy (as a PDF) before 16 November. This is not required.

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