Registration is possible from August 25, 2007. Regular registration closes at October 28th. The final deadline for registration is November 5th; note that a € 100 fee per team is required for late registrations (those between Oct 29th and Nov 5th).

NOTE! Registration is done in different ways depending on wether you as a coach have or will have team(s) competing in any of NWERC's two subregional contests (BAPC[∗] or NCPC[†]) or not.

Please follow the following scheme.

  1. First, determine eligibility. Check if your country is actually in the Northwestern region as listed on the front page.

  2. Then, register with the ICPC. There are two paths for this:
    1. If you have or will have teams competing in BAPC or NCPC then you need to register as a coach for BAPC/NCPC and you should not register as a coach for NWERC! You will find more registration details and information on how to advance teams to NWERC on the BAPC/NCPC-web pages.
    2. Other coaches should register as an NWERC-coach at the ICPC web site.

  3. Finally, also register with us, using the registration form. Use the same team name.

If you're unsure what to do, contact us beforehand and we'll gladly help you sort out your registration.

[∗] The Benelux Algorithm Programming Contest (BAPC) is open for teams from the Benelux countries.

[†] The Nordic Collegiate Programming Contest (NCPC) is open for teams from the Nordic countries.

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