System information

During the contest, each team will be provided with one computer. This will be a modern Intel-architecture desktop machine with TFT screen. You will have the choice between Linux and Windows operating systems.


The computers have keyboards with a US QWERTY layout. It is possible to bring your own keyboard, but please note:

Pictures of the provided keyboards (subject to change, although unlikely): type 1.


The allowed languages will be C/C++ and Java. We will use the GNU Compiler Collection (version 4.1.1) with GNU libc 2.3.6 for C/C++ and the Sun Java compiler and runtime (version 1.5.0) for Java. All judging will happen on Debian GNU/Linux version 4.0 (etch), running on i386 hardware (little endian).

Operation systems & software

Requests for editors, compilers or other software not on these lists can be made to the technical committee. Any request that is granted will be added to the list here.


CentOS 5 with the GNOME desktop environment. Editors/IDEs:


Windows 2000 with the following editors/IDEs:

Under Cygwin the editors VIM & nano will be available.


The following documentation will be available (offline) during the contest:

Additionally you may bring a "Team Contest Reference" (TCR) document. See the separate TCR page for information about this document.

Other information

We will use the DOMjudge programming contest jury system. The Team manual can be found here. Settings given in that manual may differ from those used at the NWERC: a completely up to date manual will be handed out to each team at the NWERC.

See also: network connectivity outside of the contest.

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