Locations of NWERC on De Uithof

NWERC happens at university "campus" De Uithof. Photo of Educatorium

Friday evening: registration

Registration on Friday is at the Educatorium (see photo on the right).

Full address:

Leuvenlaan 19
3584 CE  Utrecht

Saturday morning: welcome

On Saturday morning, we meet at the Educatorium again, the same place as Friday evening. You will visit two other buildings under our guidance.

Photo of Minnaert Building

Sunday morning: contest

Before the contest, teams assemble in the earth-coloured Minnaert building (see photo). You will see this building on Saturday already. The actual contest is in the Buys Ballot Laboratory right behind it (also visible on the photo), to which you will be guided.

Full address:

Leuvenlaan 4
3584 CE  Utrecht


Both the Educatorium and Minnaert are buildings under architecture: Rem Koolhaas / OMA designed the Educatorium and Neutelings/Riedijk created the Minnaert. There's more architectural highlights to see at the university complex and the rest of Utrecht; more information on this is available from our contest staff (or the tourist board).

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